Is your dog training worth the price?

One of the top 3 concerns potential clients ask when they call Off Leash K9 Training, Atlanta is if our training is worth the price? My answer more often than not is “How many ways would a well-behaved dog make your life easier?” If that is not enough to open a new tab and Google […]

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Ways to Minimize Dominance Issues | Dog Aggression

These are ways to help you minimize dominance issue that may arise over your pups life. I find that the leading cause of aggression cases I deal with arise from owners not dealing with dominance issue in their dog. Unchecked dominance issues lead to dog aggression as they age. Note: I want to point out […]

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4 Reasons to Crate Train

There seems to be this stigma lately about crating your dog… I have heard everything from it is cruel to I don’t think they are getting any exercise. These are always followed by why can’t I get them potty trained or they keep destroying something. In reality crate training is one of the best things […]

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