1 Week “Freedom” Board & Train



Our 1 Week Board and Train Program is designed to cater to the diverse needs of dog owners, whether you’re in bustling metropolitan areas or quieter community settings. Over the course of the week, your dog will be exposed to a wide range of distractions to ensure they are well-prepared for the realities of daily life. We take them to various environments, for real life distractions like pet friendly stores, parks, trails, and neighborhoods. The program focuses on essential obedience, ensuring your dog behaves well in both quiet and busy surroundings. We ensure that your dog receives the right balance of training, whether it’s adjusting to city life or mastering the calm of suburban areas. Enroll your dog in our 1 Week Board and Train Program and experience the transformation as they become well-mannered companions, adept at handling the varied scenarios of daily life. ***This is for pups with minimal to no behavior issues. See our 2-week board and train for dogs with prior issues.***


Amazing Obedience w/ Free Lifetime Refreshers!

  • 1 Week of Immersive Training
  • Dog will board at Home of Pro Trainer “Georgia Agriculture Inspected & Certified”
  • 5 Reliable Commands
    • Come on command (outside, off-leash, with distractions)
    • Loose leash walking- No more pulling
    • Sit (& Extended Sit)
    • Place (& Extended Place)
    • Break- Stay Till Released
    • Off (Stop- Jumping, Barking, Mouthing)
  • Lifetime Refreshers done as Private Lessons
  • Includes e-collar and 15′ leash. What is an e-collar?
  • Pups 5 months & older. Younger? See ‘Puppy Consult’
  • After completion, the owner will receive a 1.5-hour one-on-one session to detail everything their dog does and how to handle them properly.

***This is for pups with minimal to no behavior issues. See our 2-week board and train for dogs with prior issues.***

*Pups need to be at least 5 months of age or older. Up to date on all vaccinations (DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella) and a negative fecal exam within 30 days of your drop off date. We work with most behavior issues but human aggressive dogs need to be evaluated before booking the board and train. 

**To effectively address behavioral issues in dogs, it’s crucial that they first have a clear understanding of the commands they’re being given. Without this foundation, attempting to correct behavior is akin to being given instructions in a language you don’t understand—without any context or point of reference.

*For scheduling of our board and train programs, please contact us. We’ll work with you to find the earliest available slot or a future date that fits your needs perfectly. Let’s plan the best time for your dog’s training journey!


Maximize Your Savings with Our Payment Options:

  • E-Check (ACH): Enjoy the convenience of paying with E-Check (ACH) and benefit from $0 processing fees.
  • Credit Card: While we accept credit card payments, please note that they come with a 3% transaction fee.
  • Affirm: For added flexibility, you can choose to pay with Affirm; however, this option includes a 5.99% transaction fee. Note: Affirm fee is non-refundable.

** It is impossible to 100% guarantee fixes of major behavioral issues such as dog aggression/people aggression. We can give you control and better help managing these issues.***

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