1 Week “Puppy” Board & Train



Kindergarten for your puppy. This jumpstart will start getting your pup into a crate training routine and teach the basics of potty training. We cannot guarantee potty training, but will be able to establish a routine and teach you how to follow it at home. We will work on come, sit and walking on a leash (no guarantee to eliminate pulling) with marker training. We also work on bite inhibition and teach you how to curb puppy biting once your pup is home. Due to young age these pups are not taken out of the trainers neighborhood.


*For Pups 10-19 Weeks Old & be at-least 2 weeks after 2nd set of DHPP at Drop-off*

Required: (Vaccinations: 2x DHPP) & Negative Fecal Exam within 30 Days of Drop-off. 

  • Includes 15′ leash.
  • Puppy Board & Trains DO NOT include lifetime refreshers as other board and trains.
  • Puppy board and train programs, though not a substitute for Adult Obedience training that begins at “5 months” to align with your dog’s crucial growth and socialization period, is meticulously crafted to lay a strong foundation for you and your puppy to thrive and excel together!
  • After completion, owner will receive a (~1 hour) one-on-one session to detail everything their dog knows, crate training techniques, and treat/marker training.


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