What Age Should I Start Training My Puppy?

At what age should I start training my puppy, is a question I get almost every day here at our Georgia locations!

The simple answer is the moment you get the pup!

Pups just like people are learning from the moment they are born, I find the biggest issue I run into is owners expecting too much out of very young pups.

So where pups can learn an expecting high level of obedience out of them is just not reasonable.

First, get the pup potty trained as soon as you can so you don’t have to clean up pee and poop for any longer than you need to, here is a link to our How to Potty Train in 2 Weeks!


  1. Exposure: The more your pup sees in those first few months the better.
  2. Socialization: The more people your pup meets the better. I know a lot of people get stuck on dog socialization being physical interaction with other dogs but until your pup has all their shots limited interaction with other pups is recommended. This does not mean you don’t want your pup so see another dog during this time, they just don’t need to physically interact.  Dog Park Alternatives for Socialization
  3. Foundation of Commands: Treat training your pup to understand the general commands.
  4. All of these and more are gone over in our Private Puppy Consultation that can be taken after your pups 2nd set of shots (usually around 10 weeks).

Then our general obedience, to make your dog amazing for life, can start at 5 months old (20 weeks). At this age, dogs are old enough to understand and retain real obedience.

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