3 Reasons Dogs Potty in the House | Dog Training Atlanta

It get a lot of calls here at Off Leash K9 Training, Georgia about dogs going potty in the house. This is clearly a stressful thing for all owners and one of the top reason owners get rid of pups. So the following are the main reasons I find for this issue, leaving out the dog has been left to long or occasionally gets an upset stomach and goes in the house.

1. Understanding- So this one is most common in puppies that still don’t fully understand they are doing anything wrong. It can be the case in an older dog that either has been feral for a while, always kept outside, or has been in a humane society/SPCA for a long time. You can find my advice on potty training in 2 weeks (no matter the age) here: Blog- How to Potty Train in 2-Weeks

2. Medical- If a dog that has never had an accident all of a sudden starts to not be able to make it through the night, hold it for hours he use to be able to, or just starts going and even surprises herself please take them to the vet. Where is this usually very old dogs things such as a urinary track infection or many other things can cause this. Note: As I stated at the beginning if it is a one time thing, especially for pooping once, it will likely pass.

3. Dominance/Marking- The only time I really see this one apply to “pooping” is when a new baby is brought home:-) Yes, it is not acceptable but is not uncommon for a dog to poop in a newborns room. The usual issue here is as with most issues that arise in dogs as they age; dominance. Dominance left unchecked leads to many types of aggression, anxiety, food and toy guarding, and marking. This is where obedience comes in, not just “trick training” but true leadership. Dogs want and need leadership to have a safe and confident life and that is what we want to give every owner and pup that comes to Off Leash K9 Training, Georgia.

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